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Acrylic Bathtub

Modern acrylic bathtubs are now being installed in most bathrooms. Their current forms, beautiful whiteness and glossy surfaces look elegant and fit into different interiors. In addition, acrylic is very practical due to its ease of maintenance and longevity. This material is durable and reliable, but only if the product is of high quality.

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Unfortunately, errors in the installation of the bathtub frame, as well as poor quality of the product itself, can lead to breakdowns and product defects. In these cases, it may be necessary to repair the acrylic bathtub.

With products from other materials there are various repair options, but with acrylic it can only be repaired with liquid acrylic. After hardening, it acquires the same characteristics the bathtub originally had, but after coating it makes it even stronger due to the application of a new layer about 0.2 inch thick.

What problems do the reglazing of an acrylic bathtub solve?

First of all, it helps solve visual defects that appear due to maintenance errors or wear due to long-term usage – loss of whiteness and gloss, the appearance of small scratches and spots.

Pour-on acrylic is also effective if more serious damage needs to be repaired – burnt holes, chips and scratches.

Sometimes apartment owners prefer not to deal with repairs, but prefer to immediately buy a new bathtub. We advise you not to make such decisions hastily, but get expert advice first.

Replacing a bathtub is not so easy, and if you are on a limited budget, then you could waste a lot of money on something that will not last long.

High-quality refinishing adds an additional 12-15 years to the life of the bathtub and at a fair and affordable price.

Repair kit for acrylic tub

What kind of bathtubs do we work with?

Acrylic bathtubs

Acrylic Bathtubs
Cast iron bathtubs

Cast Iron Bathtubs

Steel Bathtubs
Stone bathtubs

Stone Bathtubs



rather than replacing it
Bathtub Reglazing Bathtub Replacement
Do tiles need to be removed? No Yes
Does the tub need to be dismantled and disposed of? No Yes
Do new tiles need to be laid? No Yes
How long does the finish last? 7-15 years or more Depends on quality
Is there any smell? Odorless Strong smell
How long does the process take? 3-4 hours 2-5 days
Is re-restoration possible? Yes! Depends on the tub
How soon is work started? 1 day 2-5 days
Do I need a preliminary visit by a technician? No Yes
Can a non-standard tub be reglazed? Yes! Needs to be replaced with same size tub
Cost from $259 from $3500

How is an acrylic bathtub repaired?

The process is similar to liquid acrylic on other materials, except that the surface preparation must be more careful. Even though electrical appliances can be used to clean a cast-iron enameled bathtub, it is not so in the case of acrylic, only manual work with sandpaper is permissible. Especially, if the bathtub was not initially very strong and thick.

The task of the technician is to give the surface uniformity, without leaving deep furrows, so that pronounced reliefs do not appear later on the already covered surface.

Acrylic Bathtub Refinishing

Liquid acrylic

The next step is the application of liquid acrylic (the process of creating a new surface). The material spreads well, so that even products of non-standard configurations can be covered with it. Liquid acrylic takes the form of all the curves of the bathtub’s reliefs without changing it. It is therefore suitable for both conventional bathtubs and shower trays and hot tubs. To work with such products, the repairperson must be experienced and have high qualifications.

During the refinishing, an acrylic bathtub can also be improved by choosing a specific type of material. For example, you can make it more hygienic and safe by covering it with acrylic that has silver ions. Liquid acrylic based on shungite will give a pronounced antibacterial effect, a stylish black color and an unconventional bathroom.

Andrea Lupo
Andrea Lupo
Prompt, and beautiful job. No mess.
Ann M
Ann M
My tub was peeling and had unsightly rubber flowers on it meant to prevent slippage. New York Tubs fixed it for me, at what I thought was a fair price, and now you’d never know how bad it looked. All good!
Michael Mayers
Michael Mayers
Artem was very friendly and worked quick and diligently. My bathtub now looks so clean and pristine. I am very happy with how it turned out. Glad I found him.
great job clean up was suprising
Artem did a phenomenal job on my tub! My tub was probably one of the worst he’s ever seen and had about 60 years of damage and terrible repairs. He went above and beyond with his work! We are renovating our terribly old bathroom and we came across some unrelated plumbing issues, and he generously offered to come back the next day to complete the job! I couldn’t recommend him enough, he was absolutely terrific!
Joseph Pezzolla
Joseph Pezzolla
I've had a few bathtubs refinished, this is by far the best. The technician was a gentleman who arrived on time and worked in a professional manner. I would recommend this company to my friends and would obviously hire them again.
Reuben B.
Reuben B.
Artem was on time, courteous, and very clean. What impressed me most was his attention detail as far as craft and that the product did not smell of terrible chemicals. The bathtub looks so good that I’m going to call him again for another tub in my building. A very trustworthy company.
Dori Carlson
Dori Carlson
Beautiful results and totally painless: punctual, reliable, no smell, good price.
Nixon4 Prez
Nixon4 Prez
You want a beautiful bathtub that will last? Look no further!!! Artem showed up on time and was extremely courteous. When he was finished, my jaw dropped in how incredibly beautiful the tub turned out! It looks like a new bathtub! You will not be disappointed.

Do you like delicate pastel shades or just want colors? The material can be tinted with a special paste and get any tone suitable for your interior. Work on the refinishing of an acrylic bathtub can also be combined with the creation of a caulk, which will make the joints between the sides and walls neat, and also prevent dampness and moisture from entering between the bathtub and the walls.

  • 100% Quality Guarantee
    100% Quality Guarantee
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    100% On-time completion
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    We Offer the Best Price
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    We’re Easy to Work With
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