Is Bathtub Refinishing Worth It?

Is it worth

Cast iron bathtubs installed in the bathrooms of most apartments serve families without failing, although they were made in the last century. Thick and durable metal product – what could be more durable and reliable? Many people love them for their stability, the ability to maintain the water temperature for a long time and its low noise.

If it were not for the damaged enamel, which gives a depressing look not only to the tub, but also to the bathroom as a whole, one would not think about buying new plumbing for many more years.

However, looking at irremovable stains, dullness, rust and unpleasant surface roughness, many people have come to the conclusion that this bath has already served its purpose.

Buying a new one is always a good decision, but not in the case of a bathroom. Unfortunately, replacing plumbing is far from the same as replacing a closet or sofa.

In most cases, during the dismantling of the tub, wall and floor tiles are damaged, not to mention the fact that the siphon, faucet, and possibly parts of the pipes will need to be replaced.

Thus, replacing an old bath with a new one always develops into a complete renovation of the bathroom with a significant investment of time and money.

Is tub refinishing worth it

What are the advantages of liquid acrylic for bathtubs?

Modern methods of bathroom renovation allow you to avoid significant expenses and inconveniences, while the result of the work will impress even a perfectionist. Reglazing the surface using pour-on application is a universal method suitable for any bathtub. Even if it is very badly ruined and has deep damage to the coating, working with acrylic in the pouring technique can transform it.

The reglazing process involves the creation of a new layer on the surface of the old enamel, which hides all its defects. Liquid acrylic is a dense material with strong adhesion, which allows it to cover the entire surface evenly and hold securely for many years.

Why acrylic reglazing is the best alternative to buying a new tub?

First of all, it allows you to avoid the dismantling of the tub and all the ensuing consequences. Renewal by pouring takes place on the installed bath and requires only the removal of the siphon. In cases where you only need to renovate the surface of the bath, without affecting the interior of the bathroom, liquid acrylic is the best choice.

Bathtub refinishing example

Despite the simplicity of preparation and execution, the effect of the refinishing of the bathtub is really impressive. As a result of high-quality, professional work, the surface acquires smoothness, shine and a uniform white color.

The external characteristics of a bathtub coated with liquid acrylic are identical to a new acrylic one. Such a coating is aesthetically attractive, creates a feeling of comfort and impeccable hygiene in the bathroom, and also has a number of important operational features.


The acrylic layer is much stronger than enamel. It is resistant to impact, temperature difference, does not crack, does not scratch, and withstands the most domestic impacts, while maintaining the integrity of the surface.

The result of reglazing a cast-iron bathtub with liquid acrylic, gives a tub that has the advantages of two different materials. It combines the strength, stability, quietness and low thermal conductivity of cast iron with the aesthetics, hygiene and durability of acrylic.

With proper and gentle care, after reglazing the smoothness and uniform white color of the bath will be a thing of joy for up to 15 years to its users. In order to remove any doubts about the benefits and practicability of such an upgrade, it is worth noting that it costs only 30% of the price of the most ordinary acrylic bathtub.


rather than replacing it
Bathtub Reglazing Bathtub Replacement
Do tiles need to be removed? No Yes
Does the tub need to be dismantled and disposed of? No Yes
Do new tiles need to be laid? No Yes
How long does the finish last? 7-15 years or more Depends on quality
Is there any smell? Odorless Strong smell
How long does the process take? 3-4 hours 2-5 days
Is re-restoration possible? Yes! Depends on the tub
How soon is work started? 1 day 2-5 days
Do I need a preliminary visit by a technician? No Yes
Can a non-standard tub be reglazed? Yes! Needs to be replaced with same size tub
Cost from $259 from $3500

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