Liquid Acrylic for Tubs

Bathtub refinishing kit

Bathtub refinishing kit (liquid acrylic) has made and successfully used to cover bathtubs, shower bases and sinks for repair and reglazing purposes. The characteristics and features of this substance make it very convenient to use, durable and reliable when applied, as well as aesthetic and pleasant when used.


The kit consists of a dense and thick polymer base and a hardener. Both of these components are included in the delivery package in the quantity required to cover a bathtub of a certain size.

The polymer base of liquid acrylic has a viscous, thick consistency that self-levels in the process. These characteristics make it possible to create a durable coating with an ideal appearance with this substance.

The hardener and the white polymer base are mixed together right before the start of the coating, when the surface of the bathtub is already fully prepared.

The tub repair kit cannot be prepared in advance, since its viability is limited, and it lasts for 60, 90 and 120 minutes, during which the work of applying the liquid acrylic must be completed. For this reason, it is better to trust the reglazing of bathtubs to an experienced technician who can cover the bathtub in this timeframe.

Preparing the material for work is an important stage at which mistakes cannot be made. It is necessary to mix the hardener into the polymer base carefully and for a certain time.

Do not agitate to avoid air bubbles and mix well by lifting the material from the bottom of the container. A poorly mixed hardener is doom for the future coating. It will be of poor quality, short-lived and covered with yellow spots.

Bathtub restoration with acrylic in chicago

No paint

Bathtub reglazing with acrylic differs from other substances and is designed taking into account its unique features. To make the treated surface smooth and even, the finished composition is applied to the surface of the bathtub by pouring. In this case, not only is a brush or roller not needed, but also contraindicated, because the junk will get stuck in such thick materials, leaving debris and bald spots.

Without additional tools, with the right technique, liquid acrylic is distributed over the surface, creating a perfectly even coating. The material goes over all the bends and relief of the product, so it is very convenient to use it also on non-standard products.

Benefits of Liquid Acrylic

Liquid acrylic

Liquid acrylic bathtub cover is made in the US from raw materials produced by US and European companies. All products are subject to strict control for quality compliance. The environmental friendliness and safety of liquid acrylic is confirmed by certificates and the results of many studies.

The smell of the material is barely noticeable, not sharp, not caustic. This is a great advantage both for the technician, who does not endanger himself during work, and for the residents of the apartment, who will not experience discomfort after the repair.

Today the production of liquid acrylic is still developing, and product lines are replenished with new products. Modern varieties of material dry faster – in 24 hours, which can significantly save time.

There are compositions enriched with silver ions or shungite for those who value hygiene and safety. Some manufacturers include color pastes in their product line, which allows you to add a little design to the bathroom interior, and has a satisfying result with aesthetics and creativity.

Bathtub refinishing kit (liquid acrylic) gives it additional strength not only due to a dense layer about 1/5 inches thick, but also due to the peculiarities of its texture. The elasticity and impact resistance of the material prevent cracking, scratches and peeling.

The surface of the bathtub after coating with liquid acrylic can serve for up to 12-15 years while retaining all its properties and characteristics. This material is suitable for the refinishing of heavily worn surfaces.

Old enamelled cast iron bathtubs, bathtubs after dismantling the acrylic insert, bathtubs with deep damage – all this can be restored with liquid acrylic and restore hygienic cleanliness and whiteness.

Hygiene is another important characteristic of acrylic which makes it ideal for use in the bathroom.

Liquid acrylic for bathtub chicago

No virus

The smooth, non-porous surface prevents the growth of microorganisms, the settling of dirty deposits and rust. Acrylic cannot be affected by mold spores, so it is recommended to use it to create a caulk to protect the bathroom from excess moisture and fungus.

Acrylic is an affordable material with which you can upgrade the bathtub without extra expenses. Refinishing by pouring eliminates the need to buy a new bathtub and carry out cosmetic repairs. The simplicity and quick technique of work involved allows you to restore and give your bathroom a hygienic look with a cozy atmosphere, without sacrificing the comfort of residents and the family budget.


rather than replacing it
Bathtub Reglazing Bathtub Replacement
Do tiles need to be removed? No Yes
Does the tub need to be dismantled and disposed of? No Yes
Do new tiles need to be laid? No Yes
How long does the finish last? 7-15 years or more Depends on quality
Is there any smell? Odorless Strong smell
How long does the process take? 3-4 hours 2-5 days
Is re-restoration possible? Yes! Depends on the tub
How soon is work started? 1 day 2-5 days
Do I need a preliminary visit by a technician? No Yes
Can a non-standard tub be reglazed? Yes! Needs to be replaced with same size tub
Cost from $259 from $3500

  • 100% Quality Guarantee
    100% Quality Guarantee
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    100% On-time completion
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    We Offer the Best Price
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