Refinished Bathtub Care

Acrylic bathtub care

Everything, even the most durable and simple thing requires compliance with certain rules of care and exploitation. Acrylic bathtubs are known for their durability, long life and attractive appearance; however, mistakes in the maintenance of the coating of such wares can significantly reduce service life and deteriorate features.

A new acrylic surface has an impeccable smoothness and a glossy shine. This not only gives it an aesthetic appearance, but also provides one of its most important advantages – the ability to repel dirt and moisture. The hygiene and cleanliness of acrylic surfaces is attributed to the absence of micropores on acrylic coated surfaces.

Drops of water with impurities of salts, rust, dirt, detergents do not linger on the acrylic coating, which prevents the formation of dirty coating. To preserve this property of the surface and preserve its whiteness and gloss for a long time, proper and careful maintenance is important.

Care (before and after)

Do not use abrasive or chemical cleaning agents!

No abrasive

Acrylic coating is very durable, but at the same time quite easily scratched. Using abrasive powder or hard brush on it is worse than a blow or a heavy object falling on it. Therefore, when installing a new acrylic bath or after refinishing with acrylic, you should forget about cleaning powders, as well as creams and pastes, which contain even small abrasive particles.

Surface damage and small scratches they leave on the coating are invisible to the naked eye, but cause serious damage to it. Its gloss and smoothness are lost, water and dirt begin to linger on the surface and gradually penetrate deep into the layer. Over time, the bath becomes rough, unpleasant to touch, loses color uniformity and whiteness, becomes covered with spots that cannot be washed off.

In addition to abrasives and hard materials, any aggressive substances – chlorine, ammonia, acetone, formaldehyde – must be excluded from the maintenance of an acrylic bathtub. All of them make the surface porous and destroy it.

Mistakes in usage can also significantly reduce the lifespan of an acrylic bath.

It is not recommended to put buckets and basins on the bottom of the product, especially metal ones with hard ribs. They can scratch and leave marks on the acrylic surface.

If the bath is used to wash pets, their claws can also damage it. It is better to use a basin for this or lay a special silicone mat on the bottom of the bath.

Acrylic bathtub care

The best care for an acrylic bathtub is regular washing and rinsing. Of course, soap deposits, as well as the remnants of hygienic and cosmetic products one way or another remain on the walls of the bathtub. The best solution is to rinse the tub with warm water after each use.

Once every few days, the bathtub should be washed with soapy water. For this purpose, ordinary baby, laundry, liquid or bar soap is suitable. The main thing is to do it with a soft cloth or sponge so as not to leave scratches.

If such care is not enough, a special tool for washing the surface can be purchased. When choosing such a tool, attention should be paid that it is marked with for acrylic bathtubs, otherwise the composition may contain substances harmful to acrylic. It is best to take the advice of a repairperson who knows exactly how and with what to clean the acrylic coating.

If, nevertheless, due to ignorance or negligence, errors were made while carrying out surface maintenance; you can still try to minimize the harm done. Minor scratches can be removed by polishing the surface. Special sets of agents and tools have been developed for this that are suitable for home use.

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